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Education for Environmental Citizenship in times of environmental crisis

The unprecedented global environmental crisis we are facing demands now more than ever the need to cultivate environmental citizens to act for socio-environmental change. Citizens’ active engagement and participation in commons is crucial for the success of any policy measures towards sustainability.
Education for Environmental Citizenship is a key concept in the vision for a sustainable world, as it paves the way to promote Environmental Citizenship in an integrated educational approach.

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The ENEC- Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an open access online tool aimed at enhancing and promoting Education for Environmental Citizenship available for anyone to enroll.

ENEC-MOOC provides a flexible way to learn new skills and acquire knowledge, promote your career and offers quality educational experiences worldwide through a variety of courses, learning materials, conferences, lectures, seminars, and modules directed at Environmental Citizenship.

ENEC-MOOC aims to promote and enhance education for Environmental Citizenship worldwide. In addition to traditional course materials, ENEC-MOOC provides an interactive form with user-teacher forums to support interactions among students and trainers, as well as instant feedback on quizzes and assignments.

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